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Indian Maharaja


TCI / Thomas Cook


Brand/ Identity / Campaign

Working with Indian brands with exclusively international clientele, the challenge is to weave the indigenous ethnicity into international tastes.

Indian Maharaja, a luxury train brand, represented the royal culture of India but needed to attract international audiences.

We combined the typical Indian royal colours – bold red and golden – with the international royal blue on the background.

the train was booked for the next 3 years after branding internationally.

This was punctuated with the figures of tigers – again, a specifically Indian symbol. The font and the design were purposefully intricate emphasising a complex culture and deviating from a modern look. Though this meant a challenge in terms of reproducing the logo everywhere, our conviction for the design helped us take the risk.

After the campaign was completed in 2009, the tickets were sold till 2012 in the same year. We could penetrate international market successfully and attract them with an authentic appeal. This was followed by a promo video done with limited resources and a website in as many as 6 languages.