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Avishkar Valves


Mr.Abhijit Rane


Brand / Identity / Website / Brochure / Exhibition Stall Design

‘Avishkar Engineers’, as the company was formerly called, deals in valves. Based in Maharashtra, its potential clientele was mostly from the public sector that cannot be blown away with hefty words.

The communication had be simple, direct and most importantly, visual

their first order after branding was 20 times what they invested in us.

The emblem of the logo captures this idea. Representing water flowing through a pipe, the choice of colour was an obvious blue. This made the brand image simpler. We topped it with renaming the brand ‘Avishkar Valves’ – a more specific name.

The thought was carried on into the content – the website, brochures and other collaterals were written in a crisp, straight-forward language. The brochures earn the company a lot of business, since Abhijit , an industrious man, cannot be present at every meeting, every tender-awarding. The brochures have to speak for the company.

The brand has now grown exponentially with the first order 20 times what they invested in the brand redesigning. The orders are flowing in and it looks like we will have more business from them!