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Bluebell Ergonomics


Bluebell Chairworks


ReBranding / Communication Strategy /Web Development /Social Media

A rebranding exercise, Blubell chairs was in operation for 7 years before they came to us. The challenge was to reconstruct the image and make it more approachable and conversational.

Though the name of the brand has ‘blue’ in it, the client wanted the colour orange. This was to signify the rising sun or a new beginning. Considering the Indian market, the bright colour was instrumental in getting quick attention.

tripled the annual turnover of the company in 3 months

The year-long campaign entailed in-store branding, franchise branding and much more. The brand witnessed a complete transformation owing to the makeover. Orders worth 6 crore came in within 3 months of the exercise, which was triple the annual turnover of the first 7 years of the company.

A bold decision was to use only the emblem on the cover of the brochure. No mention of the brand name or even a picture of a chair was used there. The idea was to create an inquisitiveness, which succeeded as the brochures were exhausted on the first day of a 3-day exhibition.

The thought was carried on into the content – the website, brochures and other collaterals were written in a crisp, straight-forward language. The brochures earn the company a lot of business, since Abhijit , an industrious man, cannot be present at every meeting, every tender-awarding. The brochures have to speak for the company.

The brand has now grown exponentially with the first order 20 times what they invested in the brand redesigning. The orders are flowing in and it looks like we will have more business from them!