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Mr. Anand Bagwade


Brand/ Identity

For a brand that deals with law and justice, the central idea was to direct our artistic instincts to a more objective, balanced communication.

Anand, a person who likes things complete and is extremely unassuming, came up with the idea of ‘Jurist View’ – a firm of CAs, CSs and lawyers. We asked if it only deals with ‘opinion giving’ and his answer was ‘no, it offers a complete solution’.

finding the right name can often be the path to success

The focal point was obviously that of a service-oriented firm rather than one focussed upon the USP. Moreover, an Indian brand also catering to audience in Australia, the design had to appeal internationally. Digging deeper, we found out the core connecting all the services – Corporate Litigation. We formulated a new-age name ‘Corpo’lit’ and suffixed it with a full-stop giving it a sense of completeness. This was complemented with an unassuming tagline ‘Straight to the Point’

While conceiving the logo, Anand specifically instructed not go for the clichés – hammer, blind-folds or weighs. We narrowed it down to Eagle and Lion – both authoritative and judicious beings. The Lion was selected, but the challenge was that it did not coincide with the Lions of Peugeot, English Premier League, ING Bank or Ritz Carlton. We went for a neutral and non-judgemental creature. Its pride, courage and authority captured the essence of Copro’lit.