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Growth Insure


Mr.Nalesh & Devyani Patankar


Brand/ Identity/ Website

Mr. Patankar, a pleasant, ever-smiling man, came to us with a host of ideas. One of them was the name of his company – backoffice4agency.

For an agency in USA catering to common insurance agents there, this was a quite a drab name. Our first task was to find them a better one.

we derived that the usp of this brand was giving its clients more grow.

As a habit, we went deeper into operations of the agency. It served as a back-office to insurance in USA (as the earlier name suggested quite explicitly). It handles their logistical operations – data collation, reminders etc. We derived that the USP of the agency was ‘time’. It gave more time to agents to focus on a more important task – reaching more clients and eventually, growing.

So ‘growth’ became our keyword. This coupled with ‘assured’ became a phenomenon that would sum up the agency’s strength and attract more clients. After an initial suggestion of, our technical team found out that .insure is also an extension available. We jumped upon this idea to finally shape up an entity called ‘’.