Food & Hospitality

The perk of working in the food industry is that it is beneficial in one way or the other. No wonder it is one of our favourites!

Our focus while exploring this field is on creating the wow factor. Our food photography is compelling; your clients will definitely skip a beat when they watch the visuals. We work on minutes like internal branding and on-shelf packaging –factors that seem trivial, but boost your business significantly.



Right from its name that we suggested, everything was quite niche with Veg Eatarian. A ‘veg only’ cafeteria, it required an affluent, self-contained image. We went for strong, basic colours. Food photography and internal branding lifted the brand and made it individual and noticeable.


Ganesh Bhel & Chaat Products Ltd.

Ganesh Bhel, a brand of local delicacies, went international with us. Retaining the bright colours and the quintessential flavours, we gave it an international touch with a bilingual logo. The redesigned packaging was complemented with internal branding and promotional campaigns throughout the year.

Nut Savvy

A modest venture, Nut Savvy came to us when it was on its way to become bigger. The brief was to ‘make it classy’. It was a premium product – nuts – and we had to design it in red and black, the client’s favourite colours. The challenge was complex, but the nuts we chew did prevent us from going nuts. Eventually, we cracked it!

The One Hotel

The One Hotel was a pre-launch branding exercise. Being in Aurangabad, a renowned historical city, the targeted clientele was international. To accommodate the cultural variety, we decided to opt for a ‘simple but classy’ approach. The design was a bit decorative to retain the Indian flavour. The intelligent weaving in of the digit 1 in the letter ‘N’ could win us award, we expect!


TJ’s Brew Works

TJ’s Brew Works is a dynamic food chain. They constantly come up with new ideas of offers, festivals and so on. Not only did we help them design these festivals, we also gave them a new hoarding for every festival. The internal branding changed every 2 months. We took on the challenge with sip of ---- every time!