Information Technology

Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage...the IT field has jargons that are overused and little understood. Our challenge in this field has always been to get rid of the clichés, avoid the typical, bland and frankly, boring designs. We go with an approach that we call “technically creative”. Whenever we present the same old jargons, our intention is to bring out their real meaning. Our visual representations assign individuality and importance to these terms.


We understood with Clogeny, how global the concept of Cloud Computing is! The natural choice was a website design with an international appeal. We probably went too far - the company looked so good, that it was ultimately sold! Of course, to a much higher price and to the client’s satisfaction. It was an enhancement not just in design, but in the value in the company!


IBS is a new brand that stood on its parent company’s values. The specific requirement was to retain their 3 brand values in the new design. Instead of constructing something graphically complex, we simply inculcated a symbol in the logo – a hummingbird. The 3 qualities were associated with the bird and it created a much higher impact.

IBS Techmark

IBS Techmark was in an expansion phase when they approached us. Looking to capture markets in South-East Asia, the firm participated in an exhibition in Singapore. On the simple logo of the hummingbird, we juxtaposed bright and strong visuals. This created a buzz making it a successful campaign.