It is the world of gray automobile parts, it the world of bright sports cycles. It is where rock solid metals are produced, it is where steady cool lubricant flow...No, we are not trying to pull off a Dickens here, just trying to be a little creative. That’s what we do to the well-defined, robust world of manufacturing – give it a creative edge. We enter this world with a curious eye. We yearn to understand the processes step by step and dissect the products part by part. Working with the laymen, we get grease on our hands and bring to light the underlying effort. We communicate to the world what a company is and why is it stupendous. Their awards, laurels and certifications we display are just proofs.

Nirlep Engineering

Nirlep Engineering, a part of the prolific Nirlep group, has an illustrious history. Our task was to balance this legacy with substance for their website. It was also important to give it an international look to cater to clients abroad. We exclusively photographed their parts and machineries. And though pompous to say, we probably discovered more than 50 shades of gray here!

Avishkar Valves

After giving Avishkar Engineers a more specific name – Avishkar Valves, the challenge was to give the brand a simple, visual representation. Blue was the colour we went for and the shape chosen was circular – representing water and pipes. The brand was completely uplifted and the company got orders worth 20 times what they invested in design. On second thoughts, we think we should have charged more!


To play with colours and shades, is any designer’s dream. But as said before, it can quickly turn into a nightmare when the colour is gray! The requirement from Meshworkz was to stick European, specifically German, styles and keep it sombre. While we designed the logo sticking to the original idea, we brought spark to the overall design by using yellow in contrast with the gray. It infused the wow factor and reaped great returns for the company.


Health and fitness is a booming and difficult market; you need exclusivity to make a mark. With Oroboros our approach was to add ‘spirit’ to health and fitness. It was exciting to design those bicycles we were planning to ride for a long time and give them that funky, vibrant look! We took the campaign to different mediums and used each one to our advantage.


Bluebell Chairworks

Bluebell Chairs had a logo that had two chairs in the shape of a bell (no kidding)! Our first job was to tone this overdone design and bring in a simpler, clear communication suitable to the industry. Using background colours that were delightful, cozy and friendly, we gave a character to the logo. The move proved to be so good that Bluebell tripled their annual turnover in just 3 months! Again, should we start charging more?


Entrickey is a company of intelligent locking systems. The brand name was decided by the client who wanted wordplay mixing the words ‘tricky’, ‘key’ and ‘entry’. (You bet that was ‘tricky’!) We highlighted the ‘key’ part and formed a (safe) home out of the letters K and a mirror-imaged E. The idea was to make it simpler since the brand would be used in many places. An overall positive and trustworthy brand was created out of this. As for the results, all we can say that our houses are quite safe now!


YNV Recliners

The concept of YNV was way out of the box! The explanation of the acronym was ‘Why Envy others’ sofas? Just buy our great ones!’ The greatest challenge was to insert a question mark in the logo itself! We did that with grace and the result is in front of you...