You really are searching for a lost ball in an unlit golf course (with too many holes) when you do not know your target audience. Pharmaceuticals is a field quite similar to such a golf course. You have to aim for a full shot with your communication and try and touch all the concerned audience- which is a large one. However, with pin-pointed presentations and engaging AVs, we have been achieving hole outs in a single shot, almost always. Be it an MR going to a doctor or a presentation for investors, we make it interesting!

Brinton Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

A pharma brand can get quite depressing given that the industry works on fear. No one likes to be ill, no one likes medicines – how do you make a brand amicable then? For Brinton, we decided to bring out the healing touch the company’s products give. Instead of going for promoting specific products, we went for the theme ‘health is happiness’ and gave it a global appeal. The bright blue and green colours brought out the soothing touch. We continued with the same colours in the presentation, videos etc.


Archimedis is a Chennai-based firm dealing in an extremely niche area of the sector – contract manufacturing. Though studious and meticulous in their approach, their previous dull brown yellow colours didn’t represent them aptly. Nor did it create much buzz for them online. We decided to break the mould and came up with a flamboyant, colourful image. Our job was not to overdo the design and keep the dignity of the company intact. Archimedis is now fairing confidently in the international markets, with an enhanced image on the web.