Real Estate

So when you show the girl in the swimming pool in your real estate ad, do you really think...we mean how your customers are... okay, what the hell are you exactly thinking?

Real estate is the bread and butter of many designers. Bring in a bunch of clichés – women doing yoga, grandpas in the garden, children running around...and coat this with perfectly meaningless, candyfloss lines. That’s how most of it runs.

We are hell-bent on infusing meaning and character in all this. We choose genuinely unique projects and convince home-buyers with quality. Our themes are carefully constructed, our designs are rich in context and our words carry substance.

Regency Classic

Regency Classic a modern housing society with all the contemporary amenities. Yet, we picked the word ‘classic’ to highlight its richness and luxury. After researching a lot about objects which would generate a warm vintage feel, we zeroed in upon cars, gramophones and other such things. The royal blue on the background further added to the completeness of the design.


DNV Arcelia

‘A home is our treasure’ is a line oft-repeated in real estate ads and brochures. ‘Arcelia’ is a Spanish word actually meaning treasure, so we had to reuse but reinvent the whole theme. We went for a human touch with cupped hands protecting their homes. And the theme of ‘treasure’ was transferred from just the home to ‘living’ in general. This made the concept much bigger.


A Lifescape is a narration from the root to the blossom of a lifetime. We were allowed to get a little poetic here (not our favourite job!) because the project itself had a tight focus on nature. There are sprawling green, open spaces in the society. We captured this essence in the design, showcasing the greens, the blues and the overall freshness of nature


Grand Horizon

Grand Horizon, a 33 storey-building and one of the tallest in Pune, is truly grand in nature! Our focus was on the altitude, recreating the experience of how life feels at such heights. After finding this abstract, it was essential to curb the interpretations that this altitude gives any power or even perspective. The aim was only on regenerating just the experience, and unnecessary to say, it did sell!

DNV Elvira

Elvira was another project where we derived the abstract and gave it a simple expression. The meaning of Elvira is white meaning beautiful and pure. To transcend the purity in visuals, we decided to focus the campaign on children. Through them, we showcased the emotions of the family. The idea clicked as the images were