Spa / Salon

Though the femme fatale and Sex and the City images have been stuck to the female gender, pursuing beauty isn’t limited to the superficial aspect. It’s difficult in today’s market to sell just a manicure or a hairdo. You need much more – to dip into the substance of their personae, understand today’s trends, tastes and most importantly, prove how you’re better than the salon next door.

Valentino & Rose

Started under the name of Vasundhara Beauty Salon, this venture had 70% of their clientele as male in their first 7 years. The rebranding had to consider the projected international appeal and clientele of both the genders. ‘Valentino’ stood for the male audience and ‘Rose’ for the female. A catchy acronym ‘V&R’ was formed to create a quick buzz. Everything from haircuts to bridal make-up was promoted as their forte.

Wax Touch

Now waxing is an extremely personal and delicate subject. Wax Touch had to create that cozy and comfortable image that also had to ooze glamour. We loved the whole concept and created ads, stationary and internal branding with indulgence. The whole joy of the process reflects in the design. Though a sub-brand of ‘Deepanjali Beauty Parlour’, Wax Touch has now grown bigger than the parent company.

Uniqut Studio LLC.

The word ‘unique’ grabs eye-balls whether it is the Indian market or one in New Jersey, USA. Uniqut, a salon brand from New Jersey, had to communicate a chic urban image that would create a feel of a NYC mainstream avenue. We chose subtle colours with strong visuals. Modest services like hairstyling and eyebrow threading were enhanced to give it grandeur.