When the term Service Industry is used, it is unfortunately associated with clichés like mobile networks or pizza delivery. We have been fortunate enough to realise the sector goes beyond these to provide some vital services – from saving lives to changing them and from building careers to celebrating special moments. The toughest part of this industry is to give shape to intangible services. As always, we relish the challenge and develop abstract ideas into concrete forms. The objective we always have is to create strong communication till the customer is driven to get a firsthand experience of the service.


Corporate Litigation

Corpo’lit, a firm dealing with corporate litigation, had to be straight to the point. The obvious choice of colours was black and white, reflecting the objective nature of the field. We used this to our advantage and gave the colours gravity. Using a lion’s image we brought in pride, courage and authority to the brand. The overall process was full of fun, but we did feel like standing in the witness box sometimes!

IRA - Water First

Rainwater Harvesting

Ira had to deliver a very important message in a way as light as possible. The service being Rainwater Harvesting, blue had to be a recurrent theme. We balanced it with shades brown to create a feel of something connected to ground, something basic. The overall thought was that beneath the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, came the need for water. Hence – ‘water first’! The marketing was direct creating maximum visual impact.

Kiran Desai


With Kiran Desai Associates, an architecture firm, we had a chance to go for that elusive, inquisitive design. The artist wanted his individualist persona to reflect in the website. All this had to be juxtaposed on a larger, slightly contradicting canvas of the corporate world. The website made him stand on both fronts – commercial and artistic. We ended up with deep satisfaction from this project, besides the money of course!

Nirvana Leadership

Life Coach

Nirvana, an organisation focused on life coaching, needed a positive, radiating image. We came up with a white 3D lotus that stood out on a soothing greenish blue background. The overall colour combination creates a vibe of peace and purity. It has been repeatedly appreciated for its inspiring design. Be it the card or leaflet or any marketing material, the receivers


Cakes, Flowers & Chocolates

Marigold provides a service that is really hard to define. They deliver gifts, greetings and warm wishes in general which remains an intangible service. We repackaged this as ‘Celebrations. Delivered’ and graced it with a loud, joyful and colourful design. We also carried out complete revamp of the packaging and in-store branding. The focus was on the idea that ‘receiving warm wishes is a celebration in itself’!



Innovation is something that always excites us! Jalankur came up with the novel idea of Aquaponics and their mission to save the lives of 7000 farmers through optimised farming. We became a part of this mission almost instantly and created a logo that easily and