A train travelling through a lush green valley, a wooden house right at the foot of an ice-capped hill, a bus right in the middle of the jungle, overlooking industry operates on fantasy created in the minds of the viewers. And while selling these dreams, we build them as concrete as possible – with apt images, defined concepts and entrancing music. The greatest perk we have in this industry is we can get as intricate as we want with the design. The visual language can be rich, complex and stunning. Having said that, our software skills are put to extreme tests!

One of our most successful projects, Indian Maharaja needed a grand, authentic look for a luxury train. Going for royal red and gold, we came up with ornamental designs that retained the Indian flavour. The brand was established internationally thanks to the locally rooted design. The company sold tickets for as many as 3 years within a few months of branding!

Kir & Caviar

The website of Kiv and Caviar always gets a ‘wow’ from the viewer! Its strength is its brevity and unorthodox menu. Divided into Villas, Experiences, Retreat and Yachts, the vertical navigation is sorted and quick to notice. With minimum words and maximum visuals, we polished and established a super-luxurious brand.